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ADHD Specialist

Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry

Outpatient Psychiatric Mental Health Clinic located in Near University Mall, Orem, UT & Lehi, UT

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affects around 8.4% of children and 2.5% of adults in the United States. The team at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry in Orem and Lehi, Utah, provides assessments and evidence-based care for managing symptoms of ADHD in adults and adolescents. To schedule an initial visit, request an appointment over the phone or through the contact form on the New Patients page.


What is ADHD?

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a highly common behavioral disorder in children, but it can affect adults too. The condition causes hyperactive symptoms like excessive talking and fidgeting as well as inattentive symptoms like daydreaming, getting distracted easily, and being disorganized.

No matter your age, ADHD symptoms can have a major impact on your life, making it difficult to learn new skills and keep up with regular tasks. Fortunately, evidence-based treatments can help you manage your symptoms and stay on track with your responsibilities. 

At Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry, your providers go over your symptoms and medical history during a 90-minute initial visit. After that, they can make recommendations for treatment and even provide pharmacogenetic testing to find out which medications might work best for you. 

What are some common symptoms of ADHD?

ADHD can affect you differently depending on your age. It can also appear in three different types: hyperactive ADHD, inattentive ADHD, and a combination. The majority of people who have ADHD experience a combination of  both hyperactive and inattentive symptoms such as:

  • Fidgeting
  • Talkativeness
  • Constant movements
  • Trouble taking turns
  • Frequent interrupting
  • Impatience
  • Distractibility
  • A lack of attention to detail
  • Forgetfulness
  • Disorganization

These symptoms can impact your life at work or school, and they can also have an effect in the home. You might find yourself frequently losing or misplacing things, or struggling to keep a consistent schedule. 

How is ADHD treated?

The behavioral health experts at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry offer the latest evidence-based approaches to treating the condition. After the 90-minute initial assessment, they can determine the best course of treatment for you. ADHD responds well to:


Stimulant and nonstimulant medications can treat your ADHD by helping you focus. You may need to try more than one before finding one that works for you. 


Psychotherapy is a key part of any mental health care plan at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry. Cognitive behavioral therapy and other options can help you control behaviors associated with ADHD. 

Lifestyle changes

Establishing a consistent routine is crucial for living with ADHD. Your providers at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry can help you get organized and make changes that promote mental wellness, like getting exercise. 

To find out more about ADHD and explore treatments, call Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry or book an appointment online today (coming soon).