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Depression Specialist

Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry

Outpatient Psychiatric Mental Health Clinic located in Near University Mall, Orem, UT & Lehi, UT

Depression, a mood disorder affecting roughly 1 in 6 people in their lifetime, can make it difficult to be productive, make decisions, and sleep an appropriate amount. The providers at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry in Orem and Lehi, Utah, provide assessments and treatment for depression in adolescents and adults. To schedule your initial evaluation, request an appointment over the phone.

Depression Q&A

What is depression?

Depression is a very common mood disorder characterized by feelings of worthlessness, hopelessness, guilt, and sadness. While feelings like these come and go in any person, they’re especially persistent and often debilitating in those with depression. 

Certain medical conditions, such as thyroid problems, anemia, and vitamin deficiencies, can cause similar symptoms to depression. For this reason, you may need some laboratory tests as part of your evaluation. At Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry, your providers invite you in for an initial 90-minute visit where they go over your medical history and evaluate your symptoms.

While you may feel hopeless while experiencing depression, plenty of evidence-based treatments can help. Your providers at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry create an individualized care plan for your mental health. 

What are some common symptoms of depression?

Depression can manifest with different symptoms in different individuals based on age and other factors. Common symptoms that come with depression include:

  • Sad or negative feelings
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sleeping too much
  • Trouble concentrating
  • Trouble making decisions
  • Appetite changes
  • Loss of interest in usual hobbies and pastimes
  • Suicidal thoughts

To get a depression diagnosis, symptoms like these must last for at least two weeks. Depression often co-occurs with anxiety disorders and other mental health conditions, which your providers consider while planning your care. 

How is depression treated?

You can manage your depression with a personalized care plan from the professionals at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry, including visits to the office as well as telepsychiatry visits when they’re more convenient for you (when covered by your insurance provider). They also offer pharmacogenetic testing, which can help identify which medications might work best for you. 

Antidepressant medications can help reduce symptoms of depression by altering your brain chemistry. They work best when you use them according to your provider’s instructions and alongside psychotherapy or counseling.

In addition to therapy and medications, your providers at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry might encourage you to make healthy changes in your lifestyle, such as getting more exercise, getting regular sleep, or cutting back on alcohol. 

To manage your depression, your providers at Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry start with a 90-minute initial appointment. Each follow-up visit after that is typically 30 minutes but can last for up to an hour. These visits may involve medication management and psychotherapy.

To schedule an initial assessment and treatment consultation for depression, call Alliance Behavioral Psychiatry or book online today (coming soon).